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                           Rightly dried wood is a qualification for an excellent result!




Welcome to

(BIM Wood & Machine)


- a small company in the region of Jämtland in the middle of Sweden, which  

  1. has detected the necessity of simple, fast and good valuing wood and pallets driers in the market - for small and big needs - and therefore has developed driers by many efforts and experiments

  2. manufactures carports construct with a smart module system  in many different sizes, even to be placed on a plane ground frost area

  3. manufactures  play houses

Today we are proud of the results.  Many pleased customers has appreciated our efforts and have given us valuable viewpoints, which we have enclosed in our development work.

We hope you will find what you are looking for in the following pages and you can send us an e-mail or a fax if you want more information.


Ingvar Magnusson



Ingvar Magnusson  assembling of a drier unit of machinery and the freelance journalist of Intra Muros HB, Björn Lundbeck , preparing a report to the  publication Nordisk Träteknik ("Scandinavian Wood Technics").

Putting up a carport made for two cars and furnished with a storeroom



Construct by smart modules Carports!



for small cars and bikes. Less than 10 m2 why permission is not needed in Sweden.

Many sizes!

Click here!

For example

"BIM 56"

is for 2 cars, even  with storeroom if

you want.

Play house       


Wood drying units  in many different sizes

Many years of success! Now you can dry wood with a simple, fast and a good valuable method!

BIM Trä & Maskin (" BIM Wood & Machine") , Ingvar Magnusson

Västeråsen 113, SE-840 73 BISPGÅRDEN, Sweden

Phone. +46-(0)696-31180, fax +46-(0)696-31129

Mobile. +46-(0)70-6656928

Site: www.bim.nu    E-mail: info@bim.nu


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